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up a passenger plane headed for the united states. intelligence officials say this is the work of a man best known for the christmas 2009 plot to bring down an airplane over detroit. also with an underwear bomb. but the latest a vice is more sophisticated. this is a very clever guy, very good at making bombs. he is probably the number-one threat to the united states directly. >> the cia says the suspected suicide bomber had yet to pick a target or by an airplane ticket. >> i guess that you could call it the best forecast ever. >> ever? you are going that far? >> it has been ice, we have the heat and it looks like it was the route for one more day in and we will have cooler weather. a little bit of everything in the next couple days. some patches of fog that have moved in along the coastline. it is 46 in santa rosa and 55 in mostly clear into san jose. you'll see this figure extending along the coastline making its way just inside of the day. it looks like a sign of the center's cooling down just a little bit but is still staying warm in the bay area. usually sixties and seventi
in afghanistan is at an all-time low here in the united states. a poll just out this morning says 1 to 7 percent of americans now support the war. that is down from 37% one year ago. 66 percent said they oppose the war. half of them say the united states is doing more harm than good. a operations in afghanistan slated to get $80 billion under the defense department budget. the budget will go before the house armed services committee. the two budget versions include the same spending for a afghanistan but overall the pentagon spending is $3 billion higher in the gop plan. the empire strikes back, how george lucas is getting back at orange county for snubbing his movie studio. >> a man lives out his nascar dream on a horse track. how police finally ended the late night joy ride. >> the new black turtleneck in what's the best gifttleneck in you can give mom ? a powerful connection. with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte stay in touch with your loved ones on skype. plus, enjoy verizon's 4g lte network in more places. the droid razr you want, one powerful connection on america's largest 4
the president will speak at a ceremony 50 years ago the united states deployed thousands of military advisers to vietnam while they cancel the memorial day ceremony in jacksonville florida tropical storm earl makes landfall of about midnight this morning live pictures from jekyll islands lookit north jacksonville of the cover of winds are near hurricane strength at 70 mi. an hour. what the rate of weight with it. the aborted rescue numbers from his along the coast of florida all the way north south carolina that as a damper memorial day celebrations but we are in british a peer. >>> a little to dampen spots of the coastline that sense fog even drizzle to the beaches but as a hat with the afternoon will see more sunshine is to be very nice memorial day outside of the day right now we have caught and of extending well as storage now making its way to the valley as we speak but i think it's a hat out the day we may squeeze in some more sunshine starting off cool temperatures and sandras them 53 degrees and san francisco think by the afternoon were going to join was the son skies temperatures in
that sparked a diplomatic dispute between china and the united states says that he is confident that china will follow through with a tentative deal to let him study overseas. he says that he has entrusted hospital staff to help impanel a paperwork for him and his family to obtain travel documents. he is blind and managed to escape house arrest by authorities in his rural home town. more than one week ago. a new era in france with the election of a socialist leader. the president-elect is urging national unity after a bitter campaign against incumbent. in his victory speech he rallied against austerity measures and urged national unity after a bitter campaign. president obama called him to congratulate him. in the stock market, apparently nervous about the election results from france. futures trading down this morning. following the lead of global markets in asia, japan fell nearly 3%. a tough stayed there, closing at its lowest in three months. other asian markets also took substantial drops. keep an eye on the market hist. >> facebook kicks off a road trip ahead of its ipo launch. execu
of that ivy league school. >> the 52 year-old came to the united states as refugees from war-torn yugoslavia. as a columbia employee he did not need to pay for the class as he took. he graduated with honors over
. it was parts of asia and then in the western part of the united states last night. the annular eclipse happens when the moon passes the sun leaning a golden ring along its edges. >>> he had welder's glasses on. >>> it was really need to see. around the bay area today we have some changes with the weather today. fog is very breivik cried now. over an hour for arriving flights. that bob will be missing out as we head into the morning. enter the afternoon, we have this system sledding on through. but clouds will be a shifting on five but the winds will be kicking up. temperatures will be not bad in the '70s and '80s. '70s and '80s and the east bay as well. about 65 degrees didn't sever cisco and 66 in alameda. >>> we're following a couple incidents right now. there was an accident, about 20 minutes ago. it has since been cleared to the right shoulder. unfortunately we're still seeing some slow speeds all the way from richmond. and we are also following a fatal accident northbound on one-to-one. they have reopened and it's no longer very issue. apparently the investigation continues. you see the f
in the united states than in the while all around the world? only on cbs this morning. undercover video inside of an exotic animal park showing you behavior that the humane society calls alarming. and walking away from the fame and fortune of professional football due to fears of head trauma. a former nfl linemen gives us his first tv interview since suddenly retiring. those stories and more when we see you starting at 7:00. >> thank you so much. >> seniors in florida with perfect grades for all four years. they're all flying for the honor of valedictorian, giving that speech. and our high schools says that each student has a 5.0 grade point average. so they have one last academic contest ahead of next month graduation. school leaders ask them to enter a speech writing contest. the best one will address the graduating class and that happens on june 8th. wow. that is a great problem to have. >> i guess so. you can have them all do it. >> well, a white house meet and greet for the los angeles galaxies celebrating their major-league soccer cup. the president praised david beckham and he could not
to job creation. seeing improving economic news in the united states lately. we're getting a report that scientific equipment maker from santa clara it is teaming up with a swedish private equity firm to buy a danish firm for $2.2 billion. they make a number of diagnostic tools for cancer treating drugs, and they say that will help their portfolio as well. their shares are moving higher on that report. a lot of discount shopping being done out there. a 21% jump in their profit up to $208 million and wal-mart seeing their profits rise 10% to $3.7 billion. european debt worries increase chaos aunt, dominating the market again. the dow dropping 31 points in the nasdaq is down by 11. the s&p down by three points. ross is up slightly and wal-mart gaining 4.5%. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> it is 6:48 a.m. and customers are already complaining about the latest change for verizon. they are eliminating all on limited data plans even for accounts that were grandfathered in years ago. when current customers upgrade to before jeanette work, they were before us to sign for a new data plan.
for the united states this week. the agent turned the ball over to american authorities. >> an attacker wearing an afghan army uniform has killed a nato service member in the eastern part of that country. the attack is among several this year involving insurgents disguised in military uniforms. the latest member of the fbi's most wanted instead of an apparent suicide, he was accused of killing a woman and her 14 year-old daughter in tennessee. and then kidnapping her two young daughters. the 12 and 8 year-old girls were found alive yesterday in mississippi, that is where the fbi says that he shot himself yesterday as a swat team was about to arrest him. his mother in law says that the motive may have been his belief that he was the father of those two young girls. this morning we will hear from the mother of oscar grant concerning a formal bart police officer convicted of killing her son. wanted johnson will be at the district attorney's office in oakland to denounce an appeal filed by johannes mehserle. he wants his involuntary manslaughter conviction overturned. a defense attorney says that h
the united states and china reportedly have agreed on the outlines of a deal that would send jim and his family here to america earlier today the minister says he can apply to go abroad to study and the state department says he has already been offered a fellowship at american university. 640 coming up white keep your eyes on the moon this weekend 6 on the way now from the presidential election and the market's reacting after the release of the april jobs report said let's take a quick check on the early numbers not looking too good so far coming up with an update from,, and that john sent. we're talking about tomorrow night supermen we're excited about this is the astronomers said that's in the moon will look bigger and brighter than normal and that's because it will be closest earth in its orbit scientists say the best time to observe the superman is when the mood is near the horizon will be found in the mood is as unclear is that since the early but i like that. did we see which of these spectacular image and appeal to see it this weekend. it looks like more sunshine to the afternoon
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10

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